Former New York State Assemblyman & County Executive, author, political commentator & radio host

Levy on Judge Jeanine Talking Economy:

Learn about our work to enhance
government efficiency and save taxpayer money.


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  • Testimonials curtis silwa
    Steve Levy is provocative and insightful. When he speaks, people in the know listen, because he is so well informed and is willing to say it like it is, political correctness be damned. Steve Levy’s decades of experience as a fiscally responsible elected official, coupled with his willingness to take on established sacred cows, make him one of the more interesting and insightful political pundits on the scene today.
    Curtis Sliwa
    Radio host and Guardian Angel founder
  • Testimonials ed cox
    Liberals quake when they find out Steve Levy is on the other side of the debate stage. He presents clear, concise and convincing arguments for the cause of fiscal responsibility. Steve Levy possesses the institutional knowledge to expertly break down complex problems and the intelligence to articulately propose common sense solutions. It is why so many Republican leaders throughout New York rallied to his gubernatorial campaign.
    Ed Cox
    Chair of NYS Republican Party
  • Testimonials Brian Kilmeade
    Steve Levy gives you a real perspective of public service from the satisfaction of serving citizens to the incredible tribulations involved in switching parties… His unique perspective is all spelled out in this fascinating read.
    Brian Kilmeade
  • pete king testimonials
    During his years in Long Island politics and government Steve Levy bravely confronted and expose the shameless hypocrisy, self-righteousness and left wing bias which purveyed Newsday and the New York Times. Now, as an author, he convincingly completes the job. Bias in the media is a must read.
    Congressman Pete King
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