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Former Suffolk County executive, New York assemblyman and radio host, Steve Levy, is available for political commentary as a well versed pundit on numerous issues including: illegal immigration, media bias, state and local fiscal policies, government consolidation, presidential politics, and the dangers of government debt, deficits, uncontrolled entitlements and the undue influence of municipal unions.

Illegal Immigration: upon taking office as county executive in 2004, Levy instituted policies that banned county contractors from receiving county work if they were hiring from the illegal, underground economy. He also instituted a policy directing local police to cooperate with ICE officials in sharing information on the immigration status of individuals arrested for major crimes. He also fought the building of a taxpayer financed hiring hall where illegal laborers would hook up with contractors for illegal hirings.

Media Bias: Levy is the author of Bias in the Media. His book chronicles how differently he was treated by the media once he switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Government Spending: Levy was a renowned fiscal conservative, having presented eight straight budgets without increasing general fund taxes, and receiving seven straight bond rating increases. He promoted government consolidation and privatization, while opposing unwieldy union imposed work rules.

Government Entitlements: Levy has published numerous articles on the dangers of unchecked entitlement growth. 11 million Americans are now on disability, 48 million on food stamps and 93 million out of the work force. This, says Levy, can lead to economic crisis.

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